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Tailor Made

Tailor Made Programs

Ambotis Premium Club focuses on creating personalized programs and tours taking into consideration every detail.

What is a tailor made tour?
These are tours where every detail matters ranging from a tour, VIP services in Greece and Cyprus, stay duration, accommodation options and private excursions. All your wishes and needs are taken care of. Our consultants will assist you and find a unique option that meets your requirements. Your daring dreams to be fulfilled are our priority. We take care of your trip on every step.

Ideal Destinations for Tailor Made Tours
Here in Greece and Cyprus you can savoir not only a thousand-year history with its legends that coexist with modern times, but inspiring landscapes and total freedom of the seas. These unique features will serve as a background for your unforgettable journey and its itinerary is your personal wishes and expectations.
Ambotis Premium Club creates tours where your interests, your budget and time have been thought of. All the itineraries are unique and created on request.

Options for Tailor Made Tours
Beach holidays, relaxing time on the islands, a honeymoon, city or wellness tours, gastronomic delights or pilgrim tours with some special touch, corporate trips or business events, your family celebrations in Greece and Cyprus – the choice is yours. Our top priority is to organize everything on the highest level in Greece and Cyprus, while you can feel that homely atmosphere away from home in the Mediterranean. Lets us guide you in our selected destinations as it can be only done by insiders and experts of Ambotis Premium Club who have all the connections and the necessary experience.

Why tailor made tours?

  • Each tour is created especially for you
  • Every possible request is taken care of.
  • Your personal selection of services
  • Your time is valued: convenient schedule and its duration
  • High level of customer satisfaction.
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