A pleasant dive into one of the most unique cultures of the planet

Greece has special statistics: 3 thousand years of history, 2 thousand islands, the coasts of 4 crystal clear seas, more than 300 sunny days a year, hundreds of superb beaches and a favourable climate. It is easy to believe that this part of the world was chosen by the Gods.
Today is a desirable destination for those who appreciate high-quality, refined & luxury holidays in Greece.
Ambotis Premium Club creates tailor-made VIP-tours to Greece. We have carefully researched the market by signing contracts with the leading hotel chains and taking into account all special wishes of our customers who choose luxury holidays in Greece with Ambotis Premium Club.
It is impossible not to fall in love with legendary Athens with its breathtaking Acropolis, a city that combines millennial traditions and the dynamics of the European capital.
Lovers of beach holidays will enjoy pearly white beaches of Crete, the healing aroma of pine trees in Halkidiki, the mythical valley of Peloponnese, the noble resorts of the 

Athenian Riviera, and the blue and white charm of Cyclades in the Aegean sea. Ambotis Premium Club will present the picture of Greece in all its glory creating luxury and elite travel itineraries to Greece.
The heiress of Hellas is famous for its colossal architecture, fascinating history and can boast ultra-modern Spa facilities and thalassotherapy centers for relaxation of the most demanding clients.
This secluded corner of the Mediterranean can be both homely and luxurious. Ambotis Premium Club will offer a wide choice of hotel offers ranging from small boutiques and villas to large-scale resorts created for true connoisseurs of exquisite and prestigious holidays.
Whether you are searching for ancient or modern Hellas and unique experiences, VIP tours to Greece with Ambotis Premium Club experts will create memories of a lifetime. Greece offers a splendid opportunity to feel welcomed by the gods of Olympos. Create your own flawless journey!

Discover the city with ancient roots. Explore the Parthenon with a little bit of luxury. Attica is synonymous with Athens and includes the greater Athens area. Just outside the historic centre Athens Riviera begins. Explore Attica starting from its iconic Acropolis, the Ancient Agora, the New Acropolis Museum, Plaka and the rest of the historic centre. Athens Riviera offers exceptional beaches, luxury resorts, seaside gourmet eateries and eclectic shops.
Corfu is considered to be the greenest of the Greek islands – thanks to its rainy weather from October to May and thousands of olive trees that literally carpet the island. Modern Corfu Town is upbeat and cosmopolitan while the sleepy villages will be attractive for relaxing holidays. Corfu boasts wild, unspoiled beaches and stunning scenery. Take a trip to Corfu town, the capital of the island, as it is one of the most elegant and impressive towns in Greece with its narrow alleys lined with pastel colored buildings with red tiled roofs.
Also known as the cradle of Western Civilization, the island of Crete overflows with history, tradition and culture. Crete, the birthplace of the legendary Zeus, occupies the most southerly point in Europe, offers golden beaches, stunning scenery, and a richly diverse culture shaped by centuries of history including the Minoans.
Rich in history and famous for its wineries, this rugged mountainous chunk of the north-western mainland Greece has a lot to explore and admire. Epirus boasts lush and unrivalled landscapes, atmospheric stone-built mountain villages, glorious Ionian Sea coastline and nature in all its splendor and magnificence. It is a lesser-known region with lonely clifftop monasteries, hidden and off-the-beaten paths, low-key resorts, ancient ruins and medieval castles.
Halkidiki is like a treat for visitors. Endless coves, lush pine trees that reach down to the beach and unexplored beauty add to the amazing canvas of Halkidiki. Located in Northern Greece this area consists of 3 peninsulas that jut into the Aegean Sea. Of the 3 peninsulas, Kassandra is the biggest and the most visited, while Sithonia that can boast its unspoiled pine forests is considered to the most beautiful. The third peninsula, Unesco -protected Mount Athos is home to a remote monastic community. All together they are 550 kilometres of lovely beach waiting to be explored.
Another gem of the Dodecanese Island group that stands out for its sandy sun-kissed beaches, turquoise waters and lush valleys. Vibrant Kos town with its stunning mixture of different cultures: Roman monuments and Ottoman mosques, medieval castles and Italian colonial art deco. The village Zia with its souvenir shops, restaurants and tavernas. Asclepeion, the island’s most important archeological site, once a healing centre and a school of medicine founded by Hippocrates, “father” of modern medicine. Visitors to the Kos Island will be impressed by its rich and long history and dozens of ancient ruins scattered everywhere.
A bohemian mecca in Cyclades, Mykonos is one of the glitziest tourist destinations in Greece. The premier Mediterranean resort is famous for its loud and long nightlife, seafront full of dozens golden beaches and streets full of dozen boutiques, shops and restaurants. “Little Venice”, windmills and archeological sites with museums enrich this prime Aegean destination.
This area is relatively untouched by mass tourism, but not lacking history of more than 4,500 years, which live in harmony with one of the most stunning scenic landscapes of the Mediterranean. Discover palaces and vaulted tombs from the Mycenaean era, classical temples, Byzantine churches and medieval castles, all set in a breathtaking sun-drenched, lush landscape transforming this area to an ideal historic destination.
A landscape with eye-catching, generous natural beauty, a rich history and endless attractions make Rhodes one of the most popular holiday destinations in Greece. The medieval Old Town, Mandraki port, the Acropolis of Lindos, the ancient cities of Kamiros and Ialyssos, the Valley of the Butterflies will amaze you. Rhodes can be called a beautiful mosaic of cultures, a timeless destination in Greece, the island of the mythical Colossus of Rhodes, where the Aegean meets the Middle East.

A bona fide luxury experience on the island of Aphrodite

Cyprus is a desirable destination for those who prefer vacations in a luxury style in Europe. This island that is guarded by Aphrodite has attracted different cultures for centuries. Today it is like a hidden gem that offers premium holidays on its Mediterranean resorts.
Ambotis Premium Club will take care of your unique holidays experience and you will have a splendid opportunity to fully relax and enjoy the journey, have a celebration or an important meeting with your business partners in a special atmosphere.
This Aphrodite’s island is an ideal spot for lovers of European premium comfort and can be filled with extravagant moments. Nothing will distract you for a romantic, family, business or corporate visit. Tailor-made tours to Cyprus have been created especially for you predict every smallest detail and create a unique travel itinerary.
You can enrich your holidays and choose extra VIP services on Cyprus according to your preferences: flights, luxury hotels and villas, individual excursion programme, car or yacht rentals, boat trips and cruises, shopping etc.

The highest level of services in selected resorts and exclusive villas, personalized excursions, golf tours, individual cruise itineraries, world-class Spa-centers. All you have to do is to choose your option of VIP-travel to Cyprus.
The collection of the resorts will satisfy the most demanding clients who seek luxury vacations in Cyprus. Paphos where history and modern times coexist in harmony, or Protaras that offers relaxing holidays, or Ancient Larnaca that is famous for its night light will be your perfect choice.
Exclusive offers for holidays in Cyprus and services carefully selected by the experts of Ambotis Premium Club would even exceed the expectations of the ancient Gods! The hospitality and friendliness of the locals will be that extra bonus to add to your relaxing or active VIP holidays in Cyprus.
We wish you a wonderful holiday on the immaculate beaches of this Mediterranean destination!

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