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A pleasant dive into one of the most unique cultures of the planet with Ambotis Premium Club


Greece has special statistics: 3 thousand years of history, 2 thousand islands, the coasts of 4 crystal clear seas, more than 300 sunny days a year, hundreds of superb beaches and a favourable climate. It is easy to believe that this part of the world was chosen by the Gods.

Today is a desirable destination for those who appreciate high-quality, refined & luxury holidays in Greece.

Ambotis Premium Club creates tailor-made VIP-tours to Greece. We have carefully researched the market by signing contracts with the leading hotel chains and taking into account all special wishes of our customers who choose luxury holidays in Greece with Ambotis Premium Club.

It is impossible not to fall in love with legendary Athens with its breathtaking Acropolis, a city that combines millennial traditions and the dynamics of the European capital.

Lovers of beach holidays will enjoy pearly white beaches of Crete, the healing aroma of pine trees in Halkidiki, the mythical valley of Peloponnese, the noble resorts of the Athenian Riviera, and the blue and white charm of Cyclades in the Aegean sea. Ambotis Premium Club will present the picture of Greece in all its glory creating luxury and elite travel itineraries to Greece.

The heiress of Hellas is famous for its colossal architecture, fascinating history and can boast ultra-modern Spa facilities and thalassotherapy centers for relaxation of the most demanding clients.

This secluded corner of the Mediterranean can be both homely and luxurious. Ambotis Premium Club will offer a wide choice of hotel offers ranging from small boutiques and villas to large-scale resorts created for true connoisseurs of exquisite and prestigious holidays.

Whether you are searching for ancient or modern Hellas and unique experiences, VIP tours to Greece with Ambotis Premium Club experts will create memories of a lifetime. Greece offers a splendid opportunity to feel welcomed by the gods of Olympos. Create your own flawless journey!

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